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Metalscream4x4 designed, tested and develop our products with real experience in the off-road industry for more than 10 years to get the work piece. Our goal is to make our products at high quality and can be easily installed, strong and, more importantly, that can be actually used and abused obstacle - Not just the beauty appearance alone.


Professional design, develop and fabricate off road 4x4 products with engineering skills and advanced technologies.

Origin of Metalscream4x4 started from the hobby of the founder who like adventure travel with 4-wheel drive vehicles in various remote areas in the central region of Thailand, such as Kanchanaburi, etc. When traveling with off-road vehicles often had a damaged car experience or the efficiency of the car is not enough to pass through various obstacles that the difficulty of the road ahead is unpredictable.

Therefore, bringing various real experiences altogether, those came to develop his own cars. With engineering basis from working for multinational construction and petrochemical companies before. When creating various parts for use with his own 4-wheel drive vehicles, friends who have traveled together with him realized the efficiency of his designs. Therefore, requesting him for help to improve parts of their cars as well. Until becoming mouth-to-mouth and has formed a logo Metalscream4x4 which produce many parts in order to meet the requirement of customers in using 4-wheel drive vehicles at a later time.

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Metalscream4x4 design and develop off road 4x4 products that perform tasks until metal molecules scream!