Solid Axle Swap Kit Installation for Nissan Pickup

Solid Axle Swap Kit for Nissan BigM and Frontier.

Each kit includes a set of the following parts:

- Front leaf spring mount cross-member. 

- Shackle hangers.

- Shackles and rubber bushes.

- Upper shock mounts.

- Lower shocks mounts.

- Leaf spring perches for front and rear.

- Leaf spring plates for front and rear.

- Rubber bump stop.

Installation guideline and instructions:

Dismantle old wishbone suspension.

Remove the radiator and air condenser to prevent any damages and easy to install the kit.

Cut off the body front panel as shown on the picture. 

Remove any factory brackets and mountings as shown on the picture. 

Do not cut the body mount too high because the front spring hanger cross member is attach it to this point. It is easier to work later.

Mock up the front spring hanger cross member carefully using C clamp.

Check the accuracy of the front spring hanger cross member, align it as close as to the original chassis.

Tip: notice the front spring hanger cross member's center mark to match the center hole of the factory chassis. It allows easy installation even further.

Note: I will translate the following part later. need to work in the shop. lol.

Folk wisdom

Approximate position of the shackle hanger.

Double check all measurements and correctness of all parts and it's time for full welding.

Take your time and be patient for the final satisfactory result.

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